Public speaking after Google

  • Ungagged London, June 2016. Scheduled to speak, about, as you might guess from the name, something secret 😉

  • I Love APIs Europe, London, 2 March 2016. Scheduled to speak part of a panel titled “How to Build Grassroots Support for Digital” part of the Strategy track.

  • Reykjavík Internet Marketing Conference (RIMC), Reykjavík, 12 February 2016. Spoke about major industry trends for 2016, including Facebook Instant Articles, Accelerated Mobile Pages, Apple News, and ad blocking.

Public speaking as a Googler

I used to host Webmaster
Office Hours
, some of which were recorded. I also spoke at conferences worldwide; here is
a fairly complete list of events you might have heard me speak at:

  • FTC’s Start with Security, San Francisco, 9 September 2015. Spoke as part of a panel about embracing security features, specifically for the web, including HTTPS/TLS, content security policy (CSP), subresource integrity, and more.

  • SEJ Summit London, May 2015. Gave a counseling session hoping to mend the relationship between a business’s digital presence and its mobile users. No really.

  • International
    Search Summit
    London, May 2015. Talked about user and technical aspects to consider when building a multilingual and multinational site, especially about mobile usage worldwide.

  • Search Trends in 2015, Search London. London, January 2015. Will be talking about Google indexing.

  • UKMW14: Museums Beyond the Web. London, November 2014. Ignite-style talk about mobile-friendly websites.

  • Pubcon. Las
    Vegas, October 2014. Talked about mobile SEO.

  • Google I/O 2014
    . San Francisco, June 2014. Gave a talk called
    with fellow Googler Ilya Grigorik about building
    secure (HTTPS) websites that are fast, and how to migrate to them
    without hurting their SEO.

  • SMX East. New
    York City, October 2013. Spoke in two sessions, one about mobile
    and one about authorship.

  • RIMC 2013. Reykjavik, March
    2013. Spoke about common mistake when building smartphone-optimized
    (and mobile in general) sites.

  • Search
    London’s January 2013 meetup
    talked about Google’s
    recommendations for building smartphone-optimized sites.

  • International
    Search Summit
    London, November 2012. Had a “fireside
    chat” Q&A style session about international webmaster

  • SMX
    , Seattle, June 2012. Announced Google’s
    recommendations for building smartphone-optimized websites. See

    the blog post
    and the recommendations

  • SMX London,
    May 2012: Spoke about how to do rich snippets and authorship markup

  • International
    Search Summit London
    , May 2012: My talk was about the recent
    developments in
    rel-alternate-hreflang annotation
    for multilingual and
    multinational sites.

  • BrightonSEO, April
    2012: Was on the “Ask
    the Engines
    ” panel with Dave Coplin (Bing UK), Martin
    McDonald (Expedia EAN), Rishi Lakhani (freelance SEO), and chaired
    by Tony Goldstone (Fresh Egg).

  • Think Visibility,
    March 2012: Talked about Google’s discovery, crawling, indexing and
    serving pipeline.

  • g|jordan
    , October 2011: Google event held in Amman, Jordan. I
    answered webmaster questions, gave demos of Google Webmaster
    , and also helped answer questions in the Ask a Googler

  • a4uexpo
    , October 2011: I ran an Open Q&A for webmasters with my
    colleague at Google Kaspar Szymanksi.

Public speaking before joining Google

  • Locate,
    Collate and Aggregate session
    , JISC CETIS Conference 2010:
    Talked about my experience in building an open educational
    resources (OER) repository with content from multiple sources.

  • Mozilla Drumbeat
    Learning, Freedom and the Web Festival
    November 2010,
    Barcelona: I helped run the
    Open Content Studio
    at the Drumbeat Festival in November 2010.
    Topics discussed included the future of open educational resources
    (OER), how to improve the discoverability of OER, particularly OCW,
    and helping write a Creative Commons-licensed textbook on web
    development. The Open Content Studio was a collaboration between
    Flat World
    , the
    OpenCourseWare Consortium
    , Connexions, and me as OCW Search.

  • MongoUK,
    June 2010: I spoke at the MongoUK conference on 18 June 2010 in
    London about my experience building a full text search engine for
    MongoDB using Sphinx. My slides are on Scribd:
    MongoDB Full Text Search With Sphinx

  • SES London 2010: I spoke at the Automating Twitter session at
    Search Engine Strategies 2010 in London. My talk was about
    analytics for social media marketing. Whenever you launch a
    marketing campaign, you need to measure it in detail to understand
    its performance. The presentation covered some of the important
    actionable metrics you need to track, with code examples of how to
    track them. Other key topics covered were filtering, automation,
    and reporting, all of which feed into experimentation to find the
    most effective marketing messages.