Firstly, an important point: This is my personal website and blog. Do not try to attribute my views to my clients or former employers.

About me

I’m the founder of Deliberate Digital, a website product management consultancy, and Blockmetry, a service for marketers and data protection professionals. Before that, I was a product manager at Google for an ads product, and before that I was part of Google search engineering as a Webmaster Trends Analyst.

I’ve been doing something on the web for more than 20 years. It used to be hobby, building sites and SEO on the side and then as a freelancer. I sold some sites I built, and I shut down many. I really like websites that do things right.

I have a PhD in bacterial genetics from Cambridge University, and my undergrad was also in genetics. As you’d expect, my PhD included a bit of bioinformatics.

Contacting me

The fastest way to get in touch is to email webcontact followed by @ and then pierrefar then a dot (.) then a com.

Me around the web:

  • Twitter. If you want my rants 🙂
  • LinkedIn.
  • Disqus. My profile that I use on this site and for occasionally commenting elsewhere.
  • Hacker News. I post there once in a while.

Previous sites I’ve built

  • eKstreme.com: SEO tools and general web development and marketing blog from my pre-Google days. Closed it down in Dec 2012 and kept a small number of “interesting” blog posts here.
  • blogsci.com: a science blog that was hold-over from my PhD days. Sadly had to shut it down.
  • OCW Search: a search engine of the full course contents of OpenCourseWare materials from the top universities around the world.
  • Cligs: I built and marketed from scratch a URL shortener aimed at professional internet marketers. It did real time analytics, geotargeting, and social media monitoring. I sold it in late 2009 to Mister Wong.
  • Font Fox: I used to be a typography junkie, and Font Fox was a place I collected my favorite free fonts. It was the first site I ever sold.</p